RMC offers a variety of content and copywriting services, all focused on associations and their members, cities, and the hospitality industry. In addition to the project types listed below, Kirk Richardson works with these organizations on a variety of special writing and marketing projects. Please contact Kirk directly at or by phone or text at 541-936-2389 to discuss your unique needs.

Newsletters & eZines

Stay connected with customers and prospects with professionally designed newsletters. Give prospects the opportunity to download and read timely articles about your company and association, well-crafted stories that influence their buying decisions. Whether you choose to publish hardcopies or electronic editions two, four, or six times a year, a newsletter will put you on your prospect’s radar and ensure your brand is top-of-mind with current customers. Well written communications pieces can influence everything from SEO (search engine optimization) to the sales funnel and the purchase orders that you receive this year. Make an effort to really connect with your customers and watch this amazing marketing tool start paying dividends immediately. I offer a full range of newsletter and eZine services, from writing and editing to design and publication. I’ll even help you establish the editorial calendar. Ask how I can help you launch a campaign that impacts your brand and bottom line for years to come!

Blog Posts

Establish your position as a thought leader in the industries you serve with an ongoing series of professionally written articles. Posting stories to your blog on a regular basis helps you build credibility with the audiences most important to your business or association. Posts can also have a positive effect on your website’s search engine ranking. The key is getting the message right and ensuring it is engaging and error-free. A single post can lead to a new customer that brings your organization a lifetime of value. I can help, from writing an ongoing series of posts to polishing your articles before you share them with the world. My unique blend of journalism and marketing experience delivers compelling copy, keywords, and showcases your expertise in this unique influential platform. I can even start from scratch and help you build the blog!

Website Content

Your website is not a brochure. Fresh, authoritative content attracts Google’s attention, but more importantly, it makes you look good when customers visit your web site. The trick is developing content that is not only rich in keywords for SEO, but creating a dynamic site that provides visitors with useful information and keeps coming back for more. Don’t blend in with the millions of businesses that either don’t update their sites or create content so obviously geared to lift their rankings that it is practically unreadable. Find that delicate balance that actually helps you get found and has the world bookmarking your site because they value what you have to say. I can help, from creating content for your entire website to providing captivating content for frequent refresh campaigns. If you are a website designer or graphic artist and just need a writing partner, I welcome those partnerships as well!

Social Media Content

Social media isn’t just child’s play anymore or a place to reconnect with old friends. Smart organizations are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to get noticed. Pouring some creative juice into these platforms can pay off in better customer communication and can even lead to new business. But it’s important to keep your social media pages fresh by updating them frequently with information that keeps your communities interested in what you have to share. Sure, social media can influence search engine rankings and can drive traffic to your website, but with the right content, there is also the opportunity to get a prospect to act as they read your post with their phone or iPad. While clicks are very important, generating new or repeat business is even better. Test out a social media campaign and let’s measure the effect that it has on your prospecting and customer engagement efforts.

PR & Media Relations

Stand out from the crowd and position your business or association as the go-to resource in your market. I provide PR services that help put you in the spotlight in industry magazines and journals. Readers often view articles as more credible than advertising, which gives you an advantage over competitors who pay big money to share their information with prospects. I offer everything from one-off ghostwriting of articles for targeted publications to news release and ongoing PR campaigns. My experience in media relations and journalism brings you the edge that you need in building a thought-leadership platform. If you haven’t considered these types of opportunities before, let’s talk about the possibilities. It is never too late to start. The online and print media world is always hungry for newsworthy information and a good story!

eBook Projects

It’s never been easier to be an author. With an eBook, you can position your company as one of the world’s foremost authorities on any subject. Develop a short eBook, post it on your website, and share it with association members, current customers and prospects in every time zone on the planet. I can help you develop the content for these customer-retention and recruiting tools or just edit and proofread your work. Look to me when you are ready to take on this important communications vehicle for building your thought leadership platform.

Case Histories

A well-written case history can be a money-maker for your organization. What better way to demonstrate your value to prospects than showing them how your products or services benefited an existing customer? You can use your case history as a stand-alone sales piece, post it on your website, or fold it into your newsletter or annual report. Couple it with a sales letter in a classic direct mail or current email marketing campaign. I will work with you to create a solid case that is next to impossible to ignore. You can rely on my experience in business journalism to gather the facts and put them into words that help move your prospects from consideration to life-long customers.

White Papers

White papers are hybrid sales tools that define an industry or niche problem, then provide hope of a solution. These are not sales brochures, although they certainly influence the target audience to buy from you. Like brochures, white papers also include compelling images, graphics, and tables. But this form of communication is a different animal, leading readers from problems they can identify with to answers they can depend on. Often used in the Tech Sector, white papers have found their way into other industries and into professional associations. I can help you map out a strategy and provide all of the resources you need to construct a white paper or series of these influential pieces. Your customers and prospects will identify with the common problem(s) pinpointed in the first half of your white paper and move toward a potential solution that includes your products or services. Developing a white paper is no easy task, but the payoff in establishing credibility and sales potential can be significant. Set yourself apart from the pack by moving beyond the brochure with a white paper!

Email Campaigns and Sales Letters

When you need to get noticed, turn to me for email campaigns and sales letters. Put your best foot forward in your prospecting efforts with professional copy that influences your potential customers to take the next step. Create a compelling offer and wrap it in a package that doesn’t end up in your target’s trash. Work with me to develop and message that gets results. There is much more to writing an effective sales piece than just cranking out a quick note on your keyboard and clicking “send”!

Annual Reports

Rise above the competition with Annual Reports that not only satisfy your stakeholders but double as marketing tools. We will discuss your goals, then tailor your Annual Report to meet your unique requirements. As with all of our work, you will have the chance to review drafts, make critical edits and suggestions and be part of a team that ultimately elevates your organization in the eyes of your Board, suppliers, and most importantly, your members and customers. With an Annual Report, you have one chance each year to get it right, so be sure to select a partner who does more than just check all of the basic boxes. I can make you and your organization shine at Annual Report time!


A visually engaging, well written brochure presents a professionally polished brand to your prospects. In a world where first impressions matter, make sure that your collateral impacts the target audience, whether you are sending it through the mail, presenting it at a meeting, or sharing it at a trade show. There is an art to creating brochures that captivate the customer, so be sure you select the right partner to develop these critical communications tools. Every piece of the marketing puzzle is important, but your brochure is often the first point of contact and an entry point to business development. Depend on me to get it right and help open doors!

Editing Services

Clean your content with my professional editing services. Nothing is more of a turnoff to your audience than sloppy writing smeared with punctuation and grammar errors. Make your business sound human with a real-life editor rather than a grammar robot. Be sure potentially costly mistakes don’t creep into your copy via a spell checker. I have provided dependable editing services to clients for many years. When your writing needs to shine, turn to me to provide the polish!

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